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A story of my unawareness

As a human being, I also made many mistakes in my life and now I am going to tell you about this. As a student, I want to contribute something for my family. For that reason, I started to warn through online. As there are many sites where I can earn, I choose the pay per click sites. There are many pay per click sites that pay people and also who don’t pay people. As I was new in that field, I was confused in which I would work? But after proper thinking and researching, I had started many sites which pay people for per click. But there was a limited of click and also a fixed rate which I can withdraw. But when I complete the task and willing to withdraw the amount which I have earned, I couldn’t. After some days, I found in Google that the sites where I had been working for 2 months were scam sites and don’t pay people. This was a worst feeling and mistake of my life.

My mistake was that I was willing to earn without any hard work. That was my biggest mistake as I worked about 2 months but get nothing from the work at all. I did the mistake only for my unawareness of the sites as I did not research well about the sites.

This is a teaching factor for me that without working hard, one can’t earn or succeeded in life. If I worked hard on other sectors like writing articles, blog writing, SEO or any other terms of online earning, I could do better and also earned a lot. But from this ancient, I understand that I have to work hard and all out of my efforts should be for hard work not just clicking and earning.

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Posted on June 24th, 2014 by Anonymous


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