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I never made it a habit to ask for a raise. I thought if I deserve it, I’d get it. When I started with my writing career, I was extremely sensitive to the editors’ comments and never pushed back. Then I read the book, “Lean In,” and decided to write a review on it. I pitched the idea to an editor. She said, “Unless you have a new angle, we can’t accept it.” Ordinarily, I would just tell myself, well she is right. That’s it. And probably go binge eat. But this time, I decided to “lean in.” I found an angle and approached her again. That was all she wanted. She accepted my pitch. Sometimes others are not trying to dismiss you. They are genuinely looking for another solution. I learned not to take no personally. No just means not this way. Try to figure out another.

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Posted on August 11th, 2013 by butterfly


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