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Wrong turn epiphany

The most active and energetic I usually feel at night and early in the morning. Sometimes I go jogging when the town is still asleep. Yesterday I went jogging taking a route through the forest that I had only taken once before, when I reached the crossroads some 20 minutes into the jog, I couldn’t remember which way I had gone that time, I decided to turn left. It seemed to be the right way for about 10 – 15 minutes and then I noticed a gate that indicated this isn’t the road I thought I’m taking, but I recognized the gate and realized I’ve taken a bypass road to the local cemetery. I don’t mind cemeteries, they can be beautiful and very peaceful, and this one was just like it. I stopped running and decided to walk through the cemetery instead of running past it. As I was meandering through it, reading the gravestones and imagining what the people might have been like, I saw some people I had to go past to exit the cemetery. A funeral was being held. I was quietly approaching the people when they were lowering the grave and a young girl was saying some final words and being the emotional and compassionate person I am, I felt like I could feel the pain she felt and I started sobbing. Some people gave me confused looks, which was understandable – a girl in workout gear crying in a strange funeral might cause a bit of perplexity. I quickly walked past and went home feeling the kind of vivacity, I haven’t felt for a long time. I was grateful for being alive, grateful for the lives of the people I love, grateful for every day I’ve lived and the ones that still lie before me.

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Posted on June 30th, 2014 by natela


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