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How I almost ruined my life

When I entered into the college, I was a very simple minded boy just new in the town. All the boys from big towns and cities looked very smart to me. I was always trying to copy them so that nobody thinks of me as a backdated country boy. Soon I started to buy dresses according to latest trends and fashion and started hanging out with some boys who were very aggressive in nature. But to me they were like role models. Sooner I became addicted to alcohol and drugs like marijuana. At first my grades were good but gradually it started to fall. Soon I started skipping classes to pass more time with my friends roaming around and taking drugs. They would always assure me saying that, “Don’t worry, shits happen sometimes. Why caring so much about grades. Grades are for intellectuals. You’ll get a certificate anyway.” So I was being absorbed more and more into their dark way of life. When some of my other classmates would try to warn me about my friend circle I would tell them, “Why you all don’t mind your own business? My friends are far more better than you. At least they know how to enjoy life.” So finally all of my classmates except my friends started to avoid me. I didn’t care much back then. I thought to myself, “Let them go. What are they to you anyway?”
Finally I failed in my sixth term final. I could hardly believe it. From childhood I was always known as a good student, Now how I could say anyone about my result? So I went to the teachers but they all said, “To pass the exam, first be a student. Do you know what do you look like?” So, from that day I changed my way of life and left my so called friends. I got rid of my addiction and started to behave good to my classmates. Finally I passed the college with a moderate grade. But the most valuable thing I learned is that, be proud of what you are, it’s the only way to become smart.

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Posted on August 26th, 2013 by Toni


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