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Life is better when it is sober

In my early days of college, I used to be a very bad drinker. If my friends invited me to a party, I couldn’t help but drink a lot. I wasn’t an alcoholic, I wasn’t used to drink every day. Just whenever I sat to have a drink, I couldn’t check the limit. I would become drunk on a few glasses and start making nuisance. My friends knew about this weakness of mine, but still they would invite me to the parties as I was very dear to them.
On one occasion, I was invited by one of my classmates, Ronnie, to celebrate his birthday. He used to live in a big chateau like house on the outskirts of the city. There was a wine cellar adjacent to the house. I came to know about it from Ronnie himself. He was very proud of their wine collection. So some of us started to poke him during the party to show us the way to the cellar. So Ronnie gave us the direction to the cellar as he himself was too much busy with all those guests. It was a little distant from the main house, just outside the inner boundary wall. So we rushed to the cellar and started to drink. The wine collection was really good. After sometime my friends urged to return to the house but as I said, I couldn’t check the limit if I ever sat to have a drink, I told them to go up front and assured that I’ll follow soon enough. So they left me and I continued drinking up to a point when I couldn’t even differentiate between wine and plain water. I finally decided to return to the party place and left the cellar. Very soon I discovered that I’ve already lost my way. I reached the wall alright but couldn’t remember where the gate was. So I decided to cross over the wall and get in. So I climbed up the wall, around 5 or 6 feet high and sat on it. Inside the wall was a court, most probably the rear court of the house. A beautiful girl was standing and watching me curiously. I was wondering who the girl might be but couldn’t think of anything beyond NYPD blue or Miami vice. So I took her as an officer who will now arrest me for trespassing. So I jumped inside, sat on my knees, raised my hand over my head and shouted out loud, “Officer, please don’t shoot. It’s true. I’m innocent.” Hearing my confession she couldn’t help any more but started laughing out loud. Then she came up to me. “My God, Ron was right. you’re totally unpredictable when you are drunk. I thought of many things to happen when I saw you on the wall, but you surpassed them all.” Then she helped me on my feet and said, “Hi, I’m Jenny, Ronnie’s younger sister. Come on, everybody is looking for you. The party is almost over.” That’s how I met Jenny. Later when we started dating she gave me only one condition, I’ve to stop drinking too much on occasions. I said, “You know I met you because of this.””That’s why I want you to leave it.” She replied.”Because I don’t want another girl coming to your life.” I also didn’t want any other girl except Jenny. So I stopped drinking too much. Like I said before, life is better when it’s sober. Well, almost better.

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Posted on August 29th, 2013 by Toni


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