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Work Performance

When I first started my office, I was so excited. I tried to learn a lot, spending more than regular time in office just to please my boss, took extra work load. But as the time goes on as my company do give promotion or increment often, I have lost my interest to perform better than others. I used to learn the new things, new works, so that I can contribute more in my department. But suddenly I have lost all of my excitement and become a routine worker, not showing willingness to take the extra burden or to start a new doing work for my department. But as the time goes on like this I realize that it just affecting my performance. My unwillingness to do new things, my lack of interest everything will be count as a negative side of my performance. My boss always used to tell me that ‘you are the most exciting and motivated person o our department’. But i think I am not now what I was before ‘a good employee’. As it is my first job I know it is very important for me to make a good impression so that I can have a better career in future. So from last few months I started to take the extra work burden again. Trying to contribute my boss work so when it comes about promotion, I want to be the number one in my boss mind. I was almost lost that chance once and I don’t want to make any bad impression in my work again.

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Posted on August 30th, 2013 by shajib86


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