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My first test drive

A new car is almost like every boy’s first love. He can’t wait to get one and always wants to show the world what he can do with it as soon as he gets one at his disposal. Like everyone else I also had a dream that one day I’ll have a car. But like I said, I was too impatient to wait until I buy one. So I started poking my elder brother everyday and making him annoyed in the process to teach me how to drive. By that time I was only fourteen years old. At first he tried to avoid the issue by assuring me that he’ll teach me how to drive by the time I’ll be in college. But I was too stubborn to be convinced. So one day he finally took me to dad’s old Fiat and gave me some basic instructions about gear changing and turning. But he refused my request to give me the car keys. “You’ll have the key when you’ll be at least sixteen.” He said to me. But two years seemed to me like two decades and I decided to wait for a chance to steal the car keys from dad’s drawer.
Suddenly one day the chance came into my hands. Everyone of my family went to visit my grandmother as she was too ill but I stayed saying that I have to prepare an assignment. When everyone was gone, I entered in my father’s room snatched the car keys from the drawer. Then I opened the garage door and drove the car out. I was very excited as it was the first time I was driving car. My excitement reached almost the sky when I Sarah, a girl from my neighborhood on whom I had a crash, was standing by the road. I offered her a lift and she got into the car. to show her how brave I am I pressed the accelerator almost to the floor. My plan was to take the road straight to the mall. Suddenly a dog appeared in front of our car from a side lane. To save it I tried to press the break paddle hard but broke it in the process. Realizing the inevitable danger and my inability to avoid it, Sarah cried out loudly. In a final attempt to stop the car I drove it directly on the footpath and stopped it finally by knocking down a post box.
luckily nobody was harmed as we both fastened our sit belts. But two hours later when my parents and elder brother returned they found me brokenhearted and with a half ruined Fiat. But I learned one good thing. Nothing good comes out from impatience and stubbornness.

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Posted on September 7th, 2013 by Toni


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