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Be You

The first time I was invited to meet my partner’s parents, I was on high alert and doubting my every move. I just assumed they wouldn’t like me. They still like his ex-wife and don’t even want me around. I wasn’t sure if my outgoing personality came off as too boisterous for their taste. After we left their house, the negative self-talk started once more. I was so stressed that I spent most of my time taking apart their words and deciding which ones supported my view, they are not ready for me yet. Well, the same outgoing personality, that I had thought might have been too much, is what they actually liked. Both told him: “She is mature, vivacious, and good for you.” Really? All I had to do is be myself. I learned that we all have our own unique personality, which is what sets us apart and is what others want to see. Let people connect with the true you.

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Posted on September 10th, 2013 by butterfly


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