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My second cousin or girlfriend

There are some ethics our parents teach us in childhood but later when we become adult, we forget them very easily. And then after messing up everything, we finally realize the importance of those advices. One always sorts out the way to prevent robbery after being robbed twice.
This thing happened to me when I was in college. By that time I was in a relationship with Lily, a girl living in the same neighborhood. She was from a different college, so my classmates didn’t know about her. I intended to keep our relationship a secret to them cause I feared they would tease me if they knew about her. My college was a little distant from my home. So it was much easier to lead a private life outside of college without raising any suspicion. I used to take the bus after school, take a detour from the stoppage to my way home and meet Lily in the mall or park as previously planned. Days were passing by this way and life seemed to be so smooth as it was never before. But a mistake brought my happy days almost to an end.
It was Sunday, so I and Lily both had much time. We met in the morning and decided to visit the art gallery as an exhibition was taking place. After that we could have lunch together somewhere and finally spend the evening roaming by the riverside. When we reached, the gallery was full to the brim. It was weekend after all. To avoid the rush, we decided to visit it later on a weekday. We were about to leave that place when I heard someone calling me from behind. So I turned around. It was Toni, one of my classmates. “So you are here too. I never thought that I would meet you in such a place.” And then he noticed Lily beside me. Toni gave me a curious look, but I still wanted to hide my little secret. So I introduced Lily to him, “This is Lily, my second cousin to mother’s side. Her family has been living in England for a long time. Now she has come to visit us.” Lily was much surprised hearing the flat lie but I gave her a signal to play along with me. So she just nodded and said to Toni, “Hi, I’m Lily.””And I’m Toni, nice to meet you Lily.”Then he turned to me, “So where are going now?””We planned to have lunch at La Bonanza.” I answered to get rid of him. La Bonanza was almost at the other side of the city. But Toni answered persistently, “Do you mind if I come along? I’m quite free right now.” So we had to take him with us to the restaurant and also to the riverbank after that. Our whole day was ruined. Meanwhile I noticed that Toni was showing too much interest to Lily. So I said, “It’s becoming too late. We should’ve returned home by now.” Hearing this Toni bade farewell to us unwillingly. “Ok, goodbye then. Lily, may I have your number please?” So Lily gave him her mobile number and then he left. On our way home I explained to Lily the reason of my lying. Lily listened everything quietly. Then she said, “Nothing good comes out of lying. You’ll see.”
I didn’t had to wait much longer. After a few days, Lily phoned me. It was almost midnight. I received her call, “Hallo.”” Hi, how are you, cousin?” She asked mockingly. ” Have you called me in the middle of the night just for fun?” I replied coldly. “No.” Lily said in a calm voice, “I just called to inform you that your friend Toni has asked me out on a date. Now what should I do?” So much for hiding the truth.
Next day I met Toni in college and confessed that Lily wasn’t my cousin but my girlfriend. At first Toni was totally shocked but then said, “You could tell me the truth and save all of us from embarrassment.” Since that day he never spoke to me again. I learned a big lesson that day, honesty is the best policy.

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Posted on September 13th, 2013 by Toni


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