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My short, dark skinned elder brother

When I was in my final year of my high school, I became very inattentive in classes. Very often I used to skip classes to attend cricket match or just roaming around. Even if I attended school, I wouldn’t take class notes and started to miss monthly quiz tests. My grades were going down day by day. Finally I failed in the half yearly exam in three subjects. I never informed my parents about teachers-parents days and also had troubles with disciplinary issues. So my class teacher decided not hand over my result sheet to me unless my parents visit him.
Now I was in big trouble. I knew my father would become very angry if he heard all these complains. So I managed a shopkeeper from my neighborhood, a few years older than me to act as my elder brother. He was a good man but illiterate. Next day I took him to my school and met my class teacher. He was in his office. I told him, “Sir, my father is out of the country on a business trip and my mother is very ill. So I brought my elder brother as my guardian.” My class teacher couldn’t hide his surprise as he looked at us. My supposed to be elder brother was short and dark skinned while I was tall and fair skinned. So he asked looking at my fake brother. “what do you do?””I’m studying law.” he answered. But still out of suspicion, my class teacher decided not to give him the grade sheet. So he said, “Please bring your father or mother tomorrow. We only allow father or mother as guardian.” So, I had no other way but to inform my mother.
So, the very next day, my mom who was supposed to be very ill met my class teacher without much trouble. He grinned a little and asked her, “May I ask you something? Do you have another son, short and dark skinned?”Mom was quite surprised, “No, besides this is the only child I have.” Teacher asked again, “Then do you have anyone among your relatives, short and dark skinned?” “No, everyone in our family is tall and fair skinned.” She replied. But the teacher continued his investigation.”Then do you know anyone from your neighborhood, short and dark skinned?”This time mom became really angry, “What nonsense are you talking about? Why are you asking me same stupid questions over and over again?” Then my class teacher replied her. “Please don’t be angry. I’m asking you this because yesterday from somewhere your son fetched a brother, short and dark skinned, and introduced himself as a student of law.”
So anyone can guess how mom reacted hearing these things. She was so angry that she even stopped talking with me for several days. Through this incident I learned that lying is always a very bad idea, especially when you do it in a very stupid way.

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Posted on September 16th, 2013 by Toni


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