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Know Your Limits

We used to have a little gym in the basement of our apartment complex. I was on the stationary bicycle one day. All was well when, without warning, a dizzy feeling came over me. Just then a couple of people walked in. I absolutely could not give up now. So, I pushed. Soon, I was feeling nauseous. When that happens, chances are the blood pressure has dropped. The best way to handle it is to sit and put your head between your knees for the blood to flow to the brain and give it oxygen. I didn’t want to look weird in front of my neighbors. So, I used every ounce of my strength to stay upright and walk out of the workout room. Our apartment was on the first floor, which required that I climb a set of stairs from the basement. By the time I reached the top of the stairs, I fell and had to crawl my way to the door. Once inside, I made it to the bathroom, then fainted. I know better now. Health takes precedence over pride. Now, if I’m with others, I let them know when I have hit my limit, and watch for those who try to push themselves to an unhealthy level.

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Posted on September 19th, 2013 by butterfly


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