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In all my years of working to earn a living, I have only began to realize the value of it all. Now that I already have a family, I see work more seriously now. Funny how I regret doing some of the things that I did in the past. Procrastination is somewhat one of my many sins. Its a good thing I did come to like too much and that it too came to pass. I never really started out that way. Back in the day, I was a hard worker. I was so diligent that I didn’t mind staying at work even if it was already out of my schedule. I did things that were not under my job description and I never learned how to say NO. Unfortunately as time came to pass, I realized what a fool I was and that I was already being taken advantage of. It was only then did I stop acting the way that I did.

From always saying yes, I learned to say NO. Nothing wrong with that of course but along with it, I learned to reason and sometimes that would result to laziness. Yes, I have learned to give excuses sometimes even wrong one and made up ones just to get out of a job that I was asked to do. Sure it wasn’t in my job description but somehow I felt compelled to do it at first but then, I just stopped. It was a huge change for me but I started liking it. As I got used to things, I started to behave and speak differently. I was no longer the same person that everyone admired. I was no longer the employee that everybody could be proud of. There came a time when I became nothing more but someone who gets paid while not even exerting her 100 percent at work. I didn’t feel guilty back then but knowing what I know now, I somehow feel guilty because of my childishness back then. If only, I could turn back the hands of time.

I also realized that I was becoming a person that I hate. When I was a group leader, I hated people who always complained but didn’t do their work well or people who are always blaming others and always giving up excuses no matter how lame or significant they are. I became mortified at the thought and decided that I should revert back to my old ways. I am older now and wiser so I know that going back to being the diligent person that I was will be for the better. I may just be new to the company that I am working for but I am glad and proud to say that I have not heard a single complaint from anyone about me here yet. I hope that it would stay like that. I am loving my job and working like I used to in the past. I just hope that things will just keep on getting better soon.

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Posted on July 15th, 2014 by kittypaws


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