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Wasted a day to save ten minutes

From my childhood I have this bad habit of becoming impatient too early. my mother always tried to teach me the advantages of being patient and acting cool in time of danger, but nonetheless I always mess up everything by doing it in a hurry.
On one occasion I was supposed to pay my internet bill within 5 PM in the afternoon. I remembered that it was the last date of paying bill without fine when it was almost 4 PM. So I rushed out from my house and went to the ATM booth nearby as I had to withdraw the money needed to pay the bill. I didn’t notice the mini truck with the logo of the bank standing in front of the booth. when I was about to enter the booth, the guard of the booth stopped me. “Please wait for ten minutes, sir. The booth is being recharged right now.” He said. “Ten minutes! I could wait for an hour if I could wait for another ten minutes.” I replied. I was too impatient to wait for ten minutes. It seemed to me like a year. I knew there was another booth around half a mile away in opposite direction from the internet provider’s office. But I thought to myself, “Why don’t I take a cab, withdraw the money from that booth and go to the internet office on the very same cab. It would take only five minutes.” So I stopped a cab and jumped in. But I forgot it was the rush hours. the streets were very crowded as office hours were almost over and everyone was returning home. Soon I got stuck in a traffic jam. The cab could make very little advancement. Again I thought, “Ok, I’ll walk the rest of the way. It’s not too distant after all.” So I left the cab and started walking. I was almost near the second booth when I saw the bank truck passing me on its way to the booth. I ran with all energy I had but again found the truck in front of it. It had come to recharge the second booth after recharging the first booth. Another guard halted me this time but I heard exactly the same dialogue for the second time within forty minutes. “Please wait for ten minutes, sir. The booth is being recharged right now.” So much for saving just ten minutes. Finally I waited for that inevitable ten minutes and then withdrew the money.
When I finally reached the internet office it was a quarter past five and the office was already closed. If I waited for ten minutes at the first booth I could reach in time. But because of my impatience I had to pay the bill including late fee on the following day. so, doing anything in haste is not a better way to save time, Rather it enhance the chance of missing the last train.

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Posted on September 28th, 2013 by Toni


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