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Funny mistakes,

My most embarrassing moments (yes, I have two) in every slam book or autograph that I wrote into was when I was in first year high school. It’s so embarrassing, yet it was hilarious. I still remember every little detail of it because until now I can never get over it.
The first one happened one afternoon when me and my cousins were playing “The truth and consequence game” and how unfortunately the bottle pointed directly to me while my neighbor crush was playing outside, so my consequence was (my cousin had chose it for me because they already know all my crushes at that time) to go near our neighbor and ask him if we can be friends. And I thought finally a chance for me to become close to my crush! Ha! So what I did was I went outside showing off on how talented I am with roller blades but then when I was really near him. Boom! I slipped, (not knowing that there was a rock in the road), my position was like sitting on the floor, legs apart, skirt up and to the horror of them all my crush was looking at me! I run for my life then back to the house and promised not to go near my crush again.
The second event was I had misinterpreted the time. I was so tired with the activity at the school that I slept around 6pm at that evening, and then I woke up at 8pm. All our windows were closed that time because the air conditioner was open. So I thought, Gosh! I’m late for school! (I had a feeling that its 8 in the morning already). So what I did was I took a bath and put on my uniform in a fast pace, check my things and then off I go down stair… Then I noticed the scene in the television, it was one of the favorite night shows of my uncle then my uncle had noticed and had ask me if where I am going, and then I answered that I’ll go to school, and again, to my humiliation my uncle realized what just happened and explained the time and situation!. What I did was I went back to my room, and sleep with my uniform on and my hair still wet.
Both events were full of funny and embarrassing moments. Take note. My cousins and uncle laugh their hearts out while they were telling the story at our relatives! And every time I remember it I always smile. What I learn was always double-check and be prepared for a back up story. For you’ll never know when it will happen again. And of course laugh with them.

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Posted on October 23rd, 2013 by bonita


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