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Never break the trust

Faith is the main term of friendship. I have so many friends in my college and some of them are very special for me. All of my close friends trust me a lot and always used to tell their secrets to me. One day one of my friends told me something about her problems in her family. The fact was that my friend was fond of using Facebook and her family, especially her mother don’t like to give her enough offer to use this. One day suddenly she deactivates her account while talking with me. Then I didn’t understand anything about the matter.
Next day I met with her in the college and ask her about this. After many convincing words, she told me about the matter why she used to deactivate her account only because she trusts me. But I told the matter to my best friend as she also wants to know the matter. I didn’t know me that fiend become so angry with me. Although she didn’t tell me anything about this, she continues the friendship. But after then she never used to tell me about her problems and secrets. That was my biggest mistake of my life to tell someone’s mistake to others.
Lesson: This mistake teaches me to not tell one’s secret to other. This is a bad habit and can break the trust that people used to do on you. So, friends, never break the trust of others.

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Posted on July 22nd, 2014 by Anonymous


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