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Breaking My Own Rules

I am learning how difficult it is to merge two families together. 3 months ago my fiancé and I moved in together. We each have two boys from previous relationships. Luckily they get along with one another beautifully. Seeing them all bond and get along was a huge relief for us both.

Prior to living together we fought one time in a little over a year of being together. When merging different parenting styles together that quickly changed. It can make life a bit stressful. Our fighting is pretty limited to one topic, yet it was becoming a very regular occurrence.
For the most part we agree on parenting decisions. Even the topic giving us so many problems, we agree on. But some habits are hard to break. The problem is giving a child what he wants whenever he throws a fit. I personally don’t agree with it at all.

Shortly after our last fight I caught myself doing the exact same thing that I keep getting mad at him for. My 4 year old threw a fit over video game time and I gave him what he wanted. As soon as I realized it I felt terrible.

Needless to say I apologized to my fiancé for being such a pain and so stubborn on the subject. I was finally able to see the situation through his eyes. I still don’t agree with giving in to tantrums. However, I have certainly learned a very valuable lesson.

I learned that I need to be more patient. We ALL make mistakes. Sometimes it is easier to give into a child throwing a tantrum and we cave. After breaking my own rules I think our new family will be much more successful.

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Posted on July 29th, 2014 by Anonymous


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