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How I broke my friends apart

Eighth grade is a tough year for us all; especially if you did something at the end of seventh grade that made you memorable for eighth. In which I, of course, did. Our group was the uncategorized group. We had the pretty girl, the funny girl, the depressed girl and, then me, the in-between/confused girl. More or less, in seventh grade we were all best friends though the more the year came to end, so did our friendship. And, with me being the in-between/confused one, or basically the one who was in the middle of the dividing forces and who tried to be friends with everyone, I tried my best to act as the link that would bring us together and tried my hardest to keep us together. One of those efforts included me doing something that I shouldn’t have and never will do again. For the sake of privacy, let’s call the two girls Elissa and Joy. Elissa is the depressed one and Joy is the funny one. The only problem is Elissa didn’t find a lot of the things Joy said funny. Constantly they would argue all the time and disagree on almost everything. And the times they would agree it would only last for a few seconds.

Now on a day that I decided not to go to school, preferably because it was the last day and I had no interest in wasting any more effort on classes I wouldn’t be graded on, Joy and Elissa decided to have a big blow out argument in front of the entire class. Now for a bit of a background story, a few months before this Joy and I were walking home from school and she was telling me some things about her life and one of those things included her telling me about her mother not being alive which is something I didn’t expect her to say. Fast forward to another month later and the two had another disagreement and Elissa was thinking of something really bad to do to her. (At the moment I can’t think of what it is but it had to be really bad in order for me to have done what I did.) Now, in order to stop the bickering, and give life to the definition of “in the middle” I blurted out that Joy’s mother was deceased in order to stop her from committing her intended acts and it worked. The atmosphere completely changed and, for a while, so did the arguments. And soon Elissa just decided that being away from her would be the best thing to do instead of trying to be around her and not get upset. So, naturally I thought things had settled in their own natural way and that would be in the end of it but of course it wasn’t. Now going back to the full blown argument, I have no idea what made things escalate the way they did but long story short, Joy said something that pissed Elissa completely off which in turn made her scream out either “that’s why your mother’s dead” or “I was trying to be nice to you because you’re mother’s dead” I wasn’t there so I’m not sure which is true but I’m sure you get the gist of it.

In the end of it all, Elissa was known as a bitch and all the sympathy in the world was given to Joy but that was exactly why she didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want people to feel sorry for her. So, then she became angry with me. When I went to see them, I was told what happened and Joy’s resentment toward me. I explained to everyone that I only told Elissa what I did in order to stop her from doing what she would’ve done a month ago had I not have told. I apologized but, of course, it wasn’t accepted. That is, not until eighth grade where she understood why I did it and said everything was ok…but only between her and I. With Elissa, not so much. Eighth grade was completely different and new friends were added to the group that Elissa and I started. I still frequently talked to the others but the rivalry between them and Elissa only became worse so we left things at that. Nothing else was done about it. That year I learned that I should keep my big mouth shut and trying to be the ‘good’ one out of the group wasn’t beneficial. People have to handle their own problems and learn from their own mistakes because a lot of the times they don’t want anyone else’s help. So, it’s just best to stay out of it if it isn’t involving you. And even then, sometimes it’s just better to leave the person alone and let them cool off before things get out of hand.

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Posted on August 8th, 2014 by Jimi19


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