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Low Risk does Not Mean No Risk

Selling stuff on the Internet seems very in nowadays. Even small and large businesses set up their online stores to get more audiences. I did that, too. I’ve been selling perfumes, clothes, shoes and bags online. I enjoyed it very much that I quit my job to concentrate growing my small business. I created another Facebook account to advertise my business, where I add a lot of potential buyers. One day, this girl contacted me and asked me where I get my shoes. I told her the city of my shoes supplier. She told me she, too, supplies shoes and asked if I wanted to get shoes from her. I knew about her business since I sometimes see how she advertises her products. She even asked me weeks before to buy a pair from her. I doubted about the idea because I saw on her wall how her customers get very mad at her for delivering their orders way longer than the date she promised. I told myself that since we’re both in the same city, there would be a little risk of her running away from me. I agreed to her offer and ordered some of her shoes. She seemed very happy about it. I felt happy as well although I sometimes worry about my decision. I paid her because it’s her business’ policy to pay first before the production of shoes. Weeks passed, and I contacted her about my orders. She said that the factory is still making them. More weeks passed so I got really worried so I constantly call her but she blocked my number. I tried using another number to call her but she won’t pick up. Every time I think about the money I gave her, my heart would melt. I felt very angry at her every time I remember what she did to me. She seemed nice at first, but we can never really tell what a person is inside until we get too know her really well. It was a big mistake that I’ve done. It was like burning the wheat I have reaped all day. I thought of calling the police about her action, but thinking about it now, I think I’ll just let her regret about what she did until she grows older. I want her to be the one to say sorry to me, without involving other people. The lesson? Just because you think it is low risk does not mean there’s no risk in there. You have to convince yourself that the risk is worth it before jumping into it.

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Posted on August 11th, 2014 by Anonymous


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