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A costly mistake

I was a spender in childhood. I could not resist the temptation of spending money. I would not call myself a shopaholic though. Generally I happened to spend my pocket money going to movies and eating. Fast food shops and Amusement parks were my favorites. I literally started counting the number of restaurants and fast foods in the city that I Had been to and the number of that were left !!

Daddy thought of letting me experience what it was like to be under a boss and value of every penny that was earned through hard work. So, he dialed a couple of numbers on his mobile phone, and there was I, working part time as a cashier at our local store.

I did okay in my work though. It was no rocket science. Boring stuff, but I met a lot of familiar faces in the local store.

Then one day, I made a huge mistake.

A costumer checked into my counter and asked to get $700 cash back.
(Just before that my boss had told me about a 1700$ and told me not to forget) So when I went to give the guy his money back, I accidentally gave him 1700 bucks.

Yes I did. Only because I was thinking about that 1700. I really was supposed to give him 700, but I gave that man a thousand dollars and did not realize it till my boss found out that evening…. He said I have to pay that $1000 back…

A high school kid like me? Where on earth would I find a stash of thousand dollars to pay my boss? I felt helpless. My boss phoned my father. As they knew each other, Daddy managed him to agree on repaying the loss in installments.

I was to work for six months in that store without being paid a single dime. Sometimes I desperately looked at the calendar over and over, to see how many days were left till my “free service” would come to an end. It was not easy. I was so frustrated but when I returned home, mommy and daddy and my sister would do their best to make me feel better.

After six months, my service for repayment was still seventy three dollars short. I returned to our place and was discussing how disappointed I was with my sister. Half an hour later, mom and dad walked in. Mommy gave me a twenty and Daddy took out a fifty from his wallet. My sister handed me three dollars of change. Daddy said I had learned more of a lesson he wanted me to learn. Both my mother and my sister were wearing a kind smile for me.

It’s beyond description that how much proud I am for being a daughter of my parents and for being a sibling to my sister. They had never lost their faith in me. From this costly mistake, every single penny that I spend today, I know how much toil there is to earn it.

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Posted on August 18th, 2014 by Anonymous


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