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Patience is a bitch

It was my 18th birthday and my friends were throwing me the best birthday dinner ever. As with all friendships, there’s that one friend of your close friend who you know is secretly wishing she had your man. Well unlucky for me that day she was also at my party. Everything was perfect except for her. She had her hands all over my man whenever she could. My man, who is always so loyal, made sure she didn’t succeed in her efforts to touch him.
He told me he was really pissed at this girl for doing the things she did and always trying so hard to seduce him. I told him to just ignore her and that I know he loves me and would never even think of entertaining that girl.
When we were seated for dinner, she suddenly changed seats with our other friend so that she would be on the other side of my boyfriend. My best friend, Gia, whispered to me to just let it go…to give her time to realize her own mistakes so I didn’t react right then and there. But then my man stood up so suddenly and his face so shocked. I knew she must’ve done something nasty so I went to stand over her and gave her the hardest bitch slap ever.
I told her to stop trying to steal my man and to get out of the house. She was shocked but didn’t fight back because we all knew I was telling the truth and she deserved that bitch slap. Sometimes, being too patient and forgiving can be wrong to because we give that person hope of something that is actually never going to happen.

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Posted on October 26th, 2013 by dawn


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