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“You should find a man who can provide you for everything you need or else you’ll be nobody. You will be poor and homeless,” that was my father. That was the first sentence that had come out of his mouth when I introduced him my first boyfriend at age of 17. Then I had these negative feeling ever since. That a girl and alone. I’m weak and I am nothing. And as I think of it that way many people had told me the same thing over and over again and my mistake was I never did talk back once and never fought for me. I’ve become a loner and my favorite companion was my books. Then I’ve read some books that lift up your spirits and help you be positive back then. My favorite motto was if others can do it, why can’t I? I think positively and guess what the law of attraction followed. I was challenged, and every time people told me that I am nobody my mouth back then automatically smiles. After that I literally proved to them that I can be somebody without them or a man helping me. When they told me I won’t finish my studies without their help, I look for another who believed in me and promised that I would make them proud. After that guess what? I passed the board exam. Once a certain person told me that I cannot find a job without them, I look everywhere even though it’s not in my field and I go for it. And again I was hired. And then they told me that I am a loser, I proved them wrong again. I join a pageant and won it. My point is s a girl and a woman yes I’m weak compare to the strength of a man, but, because I’m a woman there’s a certain perseverance and a little extra effort to proved them that I am too is of substance and I am strong in my own way. Only you can help you show them that sometimes they could be wrong in judgment.

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Posted on October 26th, 2013 by bonita

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Good for you! You go girl!


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