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Threatening Phone call

I was 11 years old when my sister and I participated in Lions club dance competition. The club is a part of state government cement factory. This factory has staff quarters of its own. After the dance practice my sister and I went to my uncle’s place. My uncle’s daughter was my best friend when I was in school. She requested us to stay with her that day as the next day being a holiday to school. Now we had to call up home and take permission from mom for that. Every staff quarter was allotted a phone line for internal use. To make calls outside the factory and staff housing premises we required to call up their internal telephone exchange department and ask them to connect the required phone number. This system again had some set of rules to make calls outside premises. We called up the telephone exchange department and asked them to connect to my home. Now, on hearing kids voice on the other side the department person said sorry kid I cannot connect we need elder person permission. My friend’s parents were not at home and I requested the department person that it’s an emergency and kindly connect and he didn’t listen. We hanged up.

After a lot of thought process I called him again and this time I covered the phone with a cloth so that he doesn’t identify my voice and I changed my tone and requested him to connect to my home again. He again denied. Now, I spoke louder and said “who the hell are you thinking yourself? When I said it’s an emergency then why are you not connecting it. If you do not connect in the next 10 seconds then you’re going to lose your job”. Rather than waiting for him to connect I hanged up again.

We went out to the park and came back home after 30 minutes. When we reached back we saw both uncle and aunty were home. Uncle asked “who called the telephone exchange department and threatened them that they would lose their job?” All the three of us were silent. He gave us a nice 20 minutes lecture on how their system works. In order to stop it and relieve the other two I came forward and accepted that it me who did it.

Lesson: Never threaten someone in such a way. Always be careful when dealing with internal telephone departments.”

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Posted on September 4th, 2014 by Anonymous


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