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Don’t lend your money

As a businessman, I have to do many businesses. But with the time of doing the businesses, I lend a high amount of money to my friend. He indeed needed the money. So, I had to give him the money. He promised me that he would provide me the money within 3 months. Suddenly my business lagged behind due to some reason. At the same time, my friend’s financial condition was very good. So, I used to ask my money from him before 1 month. But he did not agree to give me my money back. He said that he would pay the money only when the time comes. I could not available to convince him as he did not agree to give my money back. But I didn’t tell him anything after the matter. I was just waiting at the time as I needed the money badly.

Lesson: We should not lend money to other as we don’t know when we need the money. Yes, we can provide money to our friends or relatives but we have to make sure that they will return the money when we ask for. From the time, I don’t used to lend money to my friends and relatives. I lend money only when people need money badly.

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Posted on September 7th, 2014 by Anonymous


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