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Hey pumpkin… pick me up after office

My boyfriend’s name is Mike and we are in a relationship for three amazing years. At my office, I have a vice president whose name is Mike as well and he is two levels of management above me.

In the beginning of my job, I accidentally sent emails that were meant for my boyfriend to my vice president Mike. Those emails were extremely personal and you would not want by any means that those were seen by a boss. This happened because I had turned the email address auto-fill system on. This system picks up a previously used email address when you start typing the first three letters of the email address you want to send the mail to.

Though there were not any terms which indicated anything salacious, but sending emails to your boss that wrote “Hey pumpkin, pick me up after office.” Or “There’s this movie I want to watch with you, rent it if u can. XOXO” is extremely embarrassing.

The VP Mike actually replied to one of my mails explaining he was not supposed to get these mails and called me in his office. I was mortified and thought “this is it. I am done for good.” I was mortified. I took heavy steps to his office.

Luckily, Mr. Mike had a good sense of humor and made a good laugh of the incident. He sometimes teased me about it a bit. So I got away with my embarrassing fault.

However, I have never sent a single email without double checking the address.

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Posted on September 10th, 2014 by Anonymous


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