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Cheating on Boyfriend

Being in a relationship is like accepting terms and conditions. Before getting into it, you must accept that both of you are imperfect people who constantly make mistake and sometimes would not realize it. You must accept that both of you has shortcomings that you must understand. Sometimes, though, we forget about that and expect a lot from our partner. Sometimes we think he has changed and she became more emotional than ever. But did those changes really happened or we just didn’t really know each other? Misunderstandings really do happen all the time, even with me and my boyfriend. When bad time comes, I feel like I really hate him and want him gone. I know that’s wrong but years ago, that is the case. After fighting over some wrong words he used to talk to me, I decided that I don’t want to be in that relationship anymore. One day, I texted this other guy hang out with me. I tried enjoying chatting with him but it just won’t work. I asked myself, “Why am I here? Why am I with this guy who I don’t even know well?”. He kissed me and I want to run away. I realized what I did was really wrong, that I did not really want to be there. I told him I wanted to go home. I went to my boyfriend and told him what happened, but he never believed me. I don’t know if he just trusts me that much or he does not think that I can do that to him. After 2 years, we’re still together and my conscience is still killing me whenever I remember that I cheated on him. I learned that misunderstandings happen not to ruin everything overnight but to make you think of the things that you have to change in you.

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Posted on September 22nd, 2014 by Anonymous


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