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On being a reject.

To be honest, I’ve said to myself before that I would not have a family of my own. Maybe you’ll ask why… If it’s in the past my answer would be I’ve been hurt to many times and I’ve seen too many evidence of a broken family to trust again that I could be happy in the future.
My mother had a family of her own and she can’t take care of her own daughters because she was afraid that if she takes us (me and my sister) in her new life, her new husband might get angry. Secondly my father that time had 2 babies of his own(with my stepmother,) to took care of, so he is too busy to accommodate us, so the result was me and my sister lived with different people separately for our entire lives . I was really disappointed with my parents, I don’t want my child suffer like what I did… then finally when I had thought that I can have a family to call my own (when my father finally took us in), let’s say I’ve been happy for 3 months then after that it was like hell again, my father and stepmother had a very severe argument that almost lead to separation, and when the hardest part for me was. My father did not choose us when my step-mom ask of whose child his bringing (as if my 6th mother would take us in). It was when I was in 2nd year high school and I carried those rejections up until I graduated. I had a feeling that nobody wanted us it hurts. So when I became freshman in college I decided to be independent. That was the case up until I graduated in college. At least even though I’m alone I wouldn’t experienced the feeling of being hurt by my own family. I was carefree, easy go lucky and enjoying my liberty.
But I’ve ate all that I said back in high school, last year I had fallen in love and almost have a family of my own, and in love I realized that you can conquer anything. I still have rejections and heartaches, but rejections in life are as normal as happiness. So I accepted it, I forgave and so far, I’m happy with it.

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Posted on October 30th, 2013 by bonita


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