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Keep It to Yourself

I love watching horror movies. I watch them with my friends or sometimes alone. When a movie was really scary, I watch a comedy after it, just to shake away the paranoia.

I’m not a brave person. I just enjoy the thrill of watching horror movies and screaming with my friends. The scariest movies that really got to me are Shutter, The Doll Master, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Grudge. I have a phobia of the girl in The Ring movie (I don’t even know her name) though I haven’t watch the movie at all.

One time, I’ve been told by a friend about Insidious, telling me that it is a really scary movie. None of my family wants to watch it with me so I’ve decided to watch it alone. I don’t find the movie scary, at all. Yes there are some scenes that made me gasps and held my breath but those aren’t enough to say that I’ve been scared (I scream the hell out of me whenever I am). So, I told my friends that the movie didn’t scare me at all.

Probably the monsters/devils/ghosts in Insidious heard of my disapproval and decided to prove me wrong. I have had nightmare of the movie and the monsters in it. I can’t remember my nightmare but I remembered the feeling: scared, really scared.

Since then, I remind myself that if ever a movie doesn’t scare me, I’ll make sure to keep it to myself and praise the movie makers nonetheless. This experience have somewhat made me stay away from watching horror movies for a while.

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Posted on October 3rd, 2014 by bluelotus


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