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Leaving it behind

Since I was 5 years old I always dwell on pity, because at that time I had knew how to be disappointed in life… My Grandmother died when I was two years old and at the same time my parents had separated but after 3 years they got back together and had their second daughter but after a year had part ways again. And that time they never been together again, I pitied myself then. Who wouldn’t? It’s always like that ever since. I only trusted one person, Aunt Kris. She was like a mother to me when both of my parents were nowhere to be found (which I had found out lately that they are both have a family of their own again). But my aunt had her own life too and she needs to work abroad so a loved one had leaved me again. I was so depressed, I subconsciously put all the childhood memories (the good and the bad) were I can’t see and remembers it.

But then as time goes by, I learn to become independent and re-consider my life. What a mistake that I dwell on pity. There are so many stories in life more tragic than mine and had much more drama, but I forgot it because I become selfish and had put a rock to burden myself. At the end I know that it was my fault I had expected my life to be perfect. So every time I feel depressed I always think of the good things that happened in my life and for the people who had been there for me in my darkest days. I always lit up when I do it. Now I know how to divert my feelings in the best possible way leaving pity and depression behind.

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Posted on October 7th, 2014 by bonita


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