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How I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me

I’m sure everyone can attest to having they’re first real boyfriend. There’s your first boyfriend, for those who started off early, that didn’t really count much seeing as though you had no idea of what to do. Then there’s your real boyfriend, the one you spent a great deal learning about and allowed him to learn you and everything was really good. For some people, that might’ve been the same person but, for me, they were separate. My first real boyfriend was crazy, over-active, and did I say crazy already? But, throughout it all, I liked his crazy and he liked that he was changing my good girl to his crazy. And together we were crazy for each other and all that jazz. Though, like all things, the crazy brought on our destruction. It was another crazy day that we had together: driving fast in his car, me hanging out the window, and just walking around the town together, the usual. A moment later, as we were holding hands and playing down the road, his mother called him which inevitably pissed him off and made him throw the phone on the grass. As I tried to calm him down and talk to him, he left me there and walked off without saying another word. I went to pick up the phone and tried giving it to him but he wouldn’t take it and every time I came near him he walked away. So, I just straggled along behind him playing Tetris while he threw branches down the road. Eventually I got bored with that and decided to find out what it was that made him so upset. Earlier on, before the call, she’d texted him but he never answer her and I thought maybe it would be in there as well. In my point of view at that time, it had to be it.
Rule #1 when you date a guy: never and I mean never look in their phone. 80% of the time you go through this tunnel, there’s always something dangerous waiting for you at the end of it and that’s exactly what happened. I saw the text that he’d gotten from his mother but I’d also seen a text from someone that wasn’t. It was a conversation that involved an act I wasn’t permitting him to do with someone he’d found that would. I’m pretty sure it’s obvious to know that I ended it but that I also learned a very confusing lesson. It’s strange to say “don’t look in your boyfriend’s phone” in the form of a lesson because, if they’re your boyfriend, you should be able to trust them right? But, just to stay on the safe side, just don’t look.

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Posted on October 13th, 2014 by Jimi19


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