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Lying To Best Friend

Christine is my best friend since fifth grade. She accompanied me through my ups and downs of my life. So basically it was tough for me lying to her. So here’s what I did on her 18th birthday. Obviously, she invited me to hang out on her birthday and I promised her that I would come. The agreement was we would meet at the park by 3 o’ clock in the afternoon. Sadly, because of my selfishness I chose to go on a date with the guy I liked first and completely forgot that I would meet her. It rained so hard that afternoon so I texted her that I can’t come because I don’t have my umbrella with me and that I lend it to my sister and she accepted my excuse. I was happy that I’ll be spending the whole afternoon with the guy I liked. Little did I know karma would stab me from the back? I and my date had dinner at a restaurant which was the same restaurant my best friend and her family was in. Before I could go out the establishment my best friend accidentally caught me. She was mad at me after that. Fortunately after some time she had forgiven me. I promised her I’ll never do that to her.

Lesson: Never ditch you best friend no matter what.

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Posted on October 17th, 2014 by Louise18


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