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You Are All Mine

If you are madly in love with someone and that someone loves somebody else, would you prefer to seduce him and make him yours or just love him from a distance and wait until he notices you?

When I was still an adolescent, I had been stupidly in love with someone. He was my classmate in high school. Being the captain ball of the basketball team, he had a lot of fans and most of them are women. Matthew is tall, dark and handsome which is the type most girls got crazy about including me. I admit I was really attracted to him, but he was my best friend’s boy friend.

Every time I saw them go out together, I was wishing deep inside me that they will have a fight and Matthew will be turning to me for comfort. Almost every day I cursed their relationship; and when I finally knew that they had a fight I get into the scene. As if I was consoling both of them, but my purpose is to seduce Matthew and make him fall in love of me instead.

But love can never be taught or ordered whom to fall in love with; it has its own reason. For that no matter how hard I tempted him he remained steadfast and unwavering. Because I was really obsessed to get him, I made a plan, a very evil plan. If I could not get him by being nice to him, then I will get him by force. That is to sleep with him and show some pictures of me and him sleeping together. So evil of me right? To think his girlfriend is my best friend.

One day I made up a story telling Matthew that I saw my best friend going out with Matthew’s best friend. Matthew was of course in a rage when he knew it, but I tried to calm him down and tell him not to worry because I am there for him. Instead of finding a way for them to reconcile I told Matthew to go with me and hangout in some bistro to drown his worries away. They I intoxicated him with alcohol and brought him to a motel where we slept together. Basically, nothing had happened between us during that night. I just took off his clothes as well as mine to take pictures for my plan.

The next day when he woke up, I pretended to be groggy still when he woke me up; then I heard him cursing himself. He told me to dress up hurriedly so that he could bring me home. When we arrived home my parents asked him where we had been for the night, he was not able to answer them because he was really confused and afraid. It was me who told my parents that we slept at the hotel together. My father was so furious that he jumped at him and hit him right across his face.

I didn’t go to school that day, but in the afternoon I went to a snack bar where most high school students hang out. I secretly placed the picture on one of the table and silently got out from the premises. I know we will be both talk of the town and it would be very humiliating and embarrassing on my part. However, I am ready to face the consequence just to get him. When my best friend saw it she was so furious she called me, snapped and cursed me and told me that she will never ever forgive me for what I have done. In return I was also yelling at her telling her it was not my fault, I told her I never knew that her boy friend will take advantage of me when I was just consoling him. I also told her that it was her boyfriend who intoxicated me and brought me at the motel. I pretended to be hysterical just to get her sympathy.

Perhaps I am a good actress that she believed me and instead of being angry she sympathize with me and turn her rage to her boyfriend. When our pictures are already spread in the campus, I called Matthew and told him how much I hated him for taking pictures of us together and spread it in our school campus. I also told him that I was beaten by my father because of that which of course is not true I just made up the story to get his affection.

Just like what I have been expecting, Matthew was so sorry and guilty but he denied that it was him who took pictures of us. He was full of guilt knowing that I was supposed to be beaten by my father he asked me what he must do. I told him that I am as confused as him; then he told me that he had a bright idea to save my face. Then he told me that he will marry me just to end the humiliating talk about us. As if I was not happy when I heard it, I told him that its not a solution because he does not love me nor do I love him. But he insisted that soon when we will be together we will just learn to love each other. That being said, I agree with him; so the marriage was arranged. I was so happy at the expense of my best friend’s sorrows. I do felt guilty somehow, but then I do love her boyfriend to the extent of sacrificing anything just to have him.

Matthew and I were married then, I was happy while Matthew was not. But because he was already tied to me, he can do nothing but to live with me and tried his best to fall in love with me. Everything was fine until one day he discovered what I had done. He was searching for some documents and found my diary including the camera I used to take our nude pictures. He was really fuming when I arrived and in his fury he hit me. I was already screaming at him to stop it. Then he showed me all the evidence of my trickery. I could say nothing but cry in complete remorse. Then he told me that he will be filing a divorce. I beg him not to do it otherwise I will commit suicide. Well he didn’t file a divorce but he makes sure that I will be really miserable for the rest of my life living with him until I will give up on him.

Every day of our marriage life is indeed like hell. I tried to persevere and be patient since I know it was my fault. Worst thing that made me gave up on him is when he kept on bringing women into our house and let me witness how he enjoyed having sex with them and tell me that they are better than me. I felt being crushed that time. At first I just tolerated it, but when our daughter told me to let his daddy stop what he was doing because it hurts her to see me being hurt; I slowly came into my senses.

One night I gave him a divorce paper and ask him to sign it. I was tired to fight, I have come to my limits and I have said enough is already enough. I don’t want to suffer for the rest of my life just because I love him that much.

LESSON: Loving someone is not a sin; however being obsessed of someone who doesn’t care nor have an affection for you is STUPIDITY.

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Posted on October 20th, 2014 by Anonymous


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