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Learning’s in reading,

While I transferred in different house so many times back in my childhood days, I became a loner, where I won’t talk to you if you won’t talk to me attitude, and for that matter books became my daily companion (as a shield I guess when there is no one to talk to.) and then when I got back in my father’s life, people around me can’t understand why I don’t want to be bother when I’m reading a book, and they had thought that I’m just being lazy, what they don’t know that it is one of the reason why I am still sane and living is by appreciating a good book (by the way I finished my first novel when I was in 4th grade, starting then I never put down anything that comes in my hand without reading it), but my mistake was, I never explained it to them and I don’t want them borrowing my books because I considered them as treasures. I always used it as my defense mechanism in my past that I learned to love it in its true form and meaning which is learning.
That books (tons of it), might it be a good one or bad, fiction or fantasy, elf-help or quotations because it takes me to a place where I’ve never been and meet a variety of amazing characters, had let me fall in love a many times, learned on how to survive in life and let me experienced how to have a family on your side, defending you. I could read all day, I laugh with them and cried with them so many times. And If I really love the story I could repeat it over and over again. I’m not the typical reader you might say, but the passionate one. Nowadays, what I do was I let them borrow my books so that they’ll realize too what a great companion a book is for their daily living.

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Posted on November 1st, 2013 by bonita


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