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Ragging mania

I was in the first year of engineering. As the history says that the seniors rag the fresher. So there were rules set by our seniors that the fresher is not allowed to be seen in the canteen. If we were caught then for sure we had a bad time in ragging. I was completely aware of the fact. Yet I got inspired by one of my new friend and accompanied her to the canteen. We were about to enter the canteen that our seniors caught us in the entrance. Then what started the series of activities. First I was asked to give me introduction, then propose a girl, then dance on a stupid music that they played and finally I was asked to sell fishes in the air.

Fishes!!! You must be kidding, but I did. This activity continued for 1hour 30 min and then we got the opportunity to go to the canteen and buy some notebooks and rush to the hostel ensuring that we are not caught again in the midway.

Lesson: Always follow college guidelines and do not trust someone else you might be caught for ragging.

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Posted on November 16th, 2014 by Anonymous


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