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You can’t deny the fact that there are times when offering help is really awkward. Like when my aunt gets home one night and finds the kitchen not-her-standard clean.

I usually check the kitchen to make sure everything’s in clatter but for that night, I am so engrossed in what I’m writing that I haven’t notice her cleaning up already. I would’ve offered my help and tell her to just leave it up to me to clean but no words came out of my mouth.

I do intend to check the kitchen a little later, when I’m done with what I’m writing, but my aunt doesn’t like procrastinating so I figured my excuse won’t do anything. She continues cleaning, and I start to feel awkward because I can hear the kitchen utensils going in the drawers and it sounds like she’s not happy about it. She then started making tsk tsk sounds I just feel more awkward because I know I should get up from my seat now and help but still, I keep my ground.

It is minutes later when she called me and said that I should have been looking after the kitchen every afternoon that I really get up from my seat. I still doesn’t hell her though. I ran away to the bathroom and pretend to wash up just to wait for her to finish.

I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me. I usually have the initiative to do these things but that night something holds me back from helping even though I know what I should do. I guess I have thought that I’d be scolded if I get near her and so I didn’t. In the end, I feel terribly bad and guilty about it. I keep on telling myself to let it go, make up for it the following days and never let it happen again.

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Posted on December 6th, 2014 by bluelotus


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