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My boyfriend (whom I was going out for only 1 week at that time) picked me up from work after my am shift and surprised me to eat in this really nice Japanese restobar. To my horror, we had to take of our shoes and socks because it was their rule. I almost fainted when the waitress told me.
“What to do? What should I do?” Were all that were running in my mind. Suddenly I had a bright idea of excusing myself to the bathroom first before going to our table. Luckily my guy didn’t notice my panic and said he’d just wait form me before ordering. In the bathroom, I took off my shoes and socks and wow was the smell so bad. My shoes hadn’t been washed for almost 2 months and my socks were yesterday’s laundry too.

I got perfume from my bag and sprayed some on my shoes and socks and before putting them back in I washed my feet in the sink. Stupidly, I forgot to lock the restroom door so a young waitress came in and was shocked to see what I was doing. She smiled at me and I told her the truth about my feet smelling bad. I asked her not to say anything but the devil she is, she told me her mouth would remain shut if I gave her some money.

So I got blackmailed before going back to my unknowing boyfriend and ate a late lunch with him. Today I never go to work with dirty clothes and shoes. It is important to always be prepared for any circumstances and to always be clean inside and out.

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Posted on November 5th, 2013 by dawn


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