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Why Speak

More often than not people are being trampled over because they just remain quiet. People who are considered destitute never speak up; thus government always neglects them. If you want to be recognized and given justice and equality then you need to speak.
I have been a victim of inequality once during my college days. We had this teacher which most students called as terror. Just like some of these terror teachers they like to terrorized students because these poor students allowed them. I was once like that, no matter how this particular teacher ridiculed and embarrassed me in front of the class I just let it pass. I never speak up to defend myself. However, there are limitations to these bullying.

There was once a time when this teacher bullied me in front of the class. He criticized my penmanship when he asked me to write something on the board. I knew that he did it on purpose; I was just confused why he was doing that. I didn’t do anything that offended him. At first I just let it pass since I don’t have any grounds to complain because my penmanship is indeed not that pleasing to anybody’s eyes; nevertheless I knew our teacher has no right to humiliate me.

As a student I just kept silent but I told myself the next time he will humiliate me in front of the class, I will really do something to make him sorry. One day our lesson was about bill of rights which includes the right of students. He discussed all the rights of students, as well as when and where to complain. For this I got the strength and idea to file complaints against this teacher. All I need is to get evidence as well as witnesses. For this every day when I go to school I always bring tape recorder and keep my mobile phone’s video camera ready in case he will bully me again.

Although he’s not bullying me I recorded all of the bullying he had done to my classmates without his knowledge. When the first semester ends and time for us to get our grades; I told myself I have no way to retaliate. But when I got my grade and he just gave me a blank for my grade I was really furious. All of my classmates got a grade, only I had none. For that I prepared my recorder and go to his office then asked him why he didn’t give me a grade. He just told me that I was not able to pass the subject so I need to retake it. I demanded to see his records for me to be satisfied with his explanations why I failed; but he didn’t show it.

The next day, I was more than ready to file my complaints; I went to the school’s newspaper and told the editor to feature the injustice done by this particular teacher. When the news spread over the entire university, the teacher was called by the school board to explain what he done. I never expected that I will be called at the meeting as well. When we faced each other he was really furious, he almost attacked me. I don’t know where I get my strength, but I really speak up and raise my voice to let the school board of trustees know what he had been doing. I let them hear my recorded evidence as well as the videos of how he bullied our classmates.

With the evidence I got against him, he felt silent. He can never deny it; for that he was made to make a public apology to all students he had offended and was ordered to give me a grade. I warned him not to give me an F because I know where I stand; thus he gave me an A-. Whether it was given out of fury or just to embarrass me, I don’t really care. I know I deserve that grade after all.

LESSON: If you think you have the right to complain; then do it don’t hesitate. You deserve all the justice in the world as long as you are doing what is right and never harm anybody.

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Posted on December 21st, 2014 by Anonymous


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