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Lazy daisy

I was in the second year of engineering and I was famous in my college for dance as well as studies. Due to this reason I was elected as my class POC(point of contact). All notifications from the management have to be passed on to the class via me. One fine day one of my lecturer messaged me that he has arranged for extra classes the next day at 7 AM in the morning. Class at 7 AM was a bit unusual in our college. I messaged all my classmates to be in the lecture room sharp by 7 AM the next day. The next day I got up late at 8:30 AM as I already thought of bunking the lecture and went to the TV room of the hostel.

At around 9 AM all my classmates came back to hostel and found me in the TV room. They were staring at me very angrily and suddenly started scolding me. I was puzzled as to what was wrong with them. On inquiry they told me that there was no one in the lecture room and scolded me for playing a prank with them. I told them that I seriously got a message from the lecturer so I messaged them. When I saw my phone it was switch off due to loss of charge. I immediately kept my phone on charge and when I switched it on I heard a beep. I checked that I got one more message from my lecturer late in the night stating “the lecture has been canceled for tomorrow”. With my phone being switched off and due to my laziness that I did not put it on charge caused the entire confusion.

Lesson: When you have been given a responsibility complete it with full alertness.

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Posted on December 28th, 2014 by Anonymous


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