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Respect your Parents

Just like everyone else’s father, I have an imperfect father. My Mom is at such a young age (15 ½) when my father married her while he was 25 ½. It seemed to me that they have not been together at husband and wife but as a father and mother to us.

Father is a little bit uptight and autocratic which pushed Mom to become voiceless to the point of losing herself.

I was in 3rd year high school when Mama saw a confidant in me. She told me all of her problems with our Dad which made him a stranger to me.

One night, I saw them fighting. It was the first time I saw my Father wearing such anger he had to slap my Mom in her face. I felt that urge to save my Mom from a stranger. I found myself catching my Father’s attention so he let loose of my Mom. I cursed at him without realizing it. I saw his expression changed from anger to anguish. He turned to my direction and reached me and beat me. I fought back in anger. I thought it was an opportunity for me to take revenge for an arising feeling of oppression. We wrestled until our relatives were able to pull us apart from each other.

He denied me as his daughter. At that time I didn’t regret anything I did. I thought he deserved it.

It was in college when I realized I don’t have any right to hate him no matter how mistaken he was. He did his best to be a father to me and to my siblings. I went overboard..too much that I have forgotten who he is for me. I had so much faith with myself I thought I could rule the world. I could not even pay respect to who it is due.

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Posted on January 3rd, 2015 by aprilmusa


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