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Getting scammed

There was a time when I worked at this popular restaurant in downtown Manhattan. It was one of those horrible minimum wage jobs where they required you to do double than what they paid you for. I was at a depressing point in my life where I just had no idea how I was going to make my dreams come true. And at that time I was paying weekly payments for acting classes as well as a phone bill and, seeing as I worked at a minimum wage job, I wouldn’t exactly have much of a paycheck once I was finished paying all of those things. And being an aspiring actress is not a cheap industry. It’s one of those things where you have to put in more in order to produce a little. So, again, I was distraught and desperate for some kind of pick me up so I took to the web. I search countlessly for job openings and things for me to do in order to do something. And that’s where I found this modeling position. They told me to send in a full length picture from head to toe and in an hour or so I was emailed back to be congratulated on being chosen.

I shouldn’t have to say but I was excited. A little confused as to how someone of my body shape could be chosen (I’m only 5 ft and nowhere near model height) but I didn’t let it get so far as to make me second guess the offer. I was ready to face whatever obstacles I had to. Especially for $2000. So whatever information he needed I sent it as soon as I could so that I could secure my spot. An within a weeks’ time, everything had been completed. A few days before the shoot I was instructed to give him an account number so that half of the money could be wired to me. There was also information about me having to wire something back or whatever but that it would all be given back to me. My mother, however, thought this was fishy. So we decided to open a separate account with Chase instead of my own to be on the safe side. She thought that maybe he would take funds out of my account. And, when we went through the long process of opening the account it turned out to be true. He was opting to take funds from me and the entire thing was a scam. So in the end I was left without $2000 as well as added to Chase’s hit list. Like similar lessons in my life, I learned to pay closer attention to things; to be aware of the signs and not let my sheer want of success to blind of me of the signs. In order to succeed in a business such as this you have to be aware every second and not let little things like this happen to you and, if they do, you can’t let it stop you either.

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Posted on January 20th, 2015 by Jimi19


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