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Lay down your pride, when you have to

Pride once took over me. That was when my friend and I had a bit of misunderstanding. Well, I misunderstood and she mistook me that I would abandon her when she needed me most.

It was one of those desperate days of her when she asked if she could borrow some money. I told her that if I had any money, I wouldn’t let her because she’s been spending recklessly. I only said that to remind her that she had to mind her spending, of course I’d let her borrow. What else can I do, I can’t let her die with hunger, can I? But she took everything I said literally. She didn’t talk to me after that. And I didn’t bother. While my pride is swelling, she grew hungry. So I thought, maybe I said it wrong. Absolutely. I know, right? I admit I’ve been harsh, but I swear, I didn’t mean to sound that way.

But anyway, I apologized for the mean things I said to her. I did that to make her feel better and relieve her from being spiteful about what happened. I don’t want her to skip another meal, because she can’t afford one anymore. I don’t want her to suffer from nothingness. Yes, it was a pity that drove me to say sorry. But, I never lay down my flag. I still kept on telling her to stop spending recklessly. I challenged her and she’s thankful for that. Now, she knows how to spend her money wisely. And what I learned from it was that, sometimes, a little pride can be good. Just a little, enough that when you know you are reasonably right, you have something that tells you to stand for it. Stand tall and proud like a King who never gets swayed easily and never bows down to anyone.

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Posted on January 31st, 2015 by Anonymous


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