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My chi-chi

Once, when I lived with Aunt Ava (my father’s youngest sister) with her husband in Manila I was so lonely, it’s a new environment and I have no friends in that place, I felt that I was in solitary confinement because there is no one to talked to, then one day, we had a visitors from Canada (My uncle and his family) and because of them I had an unexpected companion.
While strolling in parks around the Philippines their one and only daughter had been closed with me. I was in 4th grade that time and she was in her 3rd so we always played together then and we bought two colored chicks to play with (sadly mine died), after a month of their vacation they had to get back to their place and what my cousin did is she leaved me, chi-chi (one of the chicks we bought at a fair) I cried for weeks then because I missed my new found friend, neglecting the pet that she had left me. Luckily, my aunt always fed her that time. After a week my cousin called me and asked me on how am I doing and how chi-chi is. After that, I promised to myself that I will take care of it as a remembrance to her and once my moments with her became longer I became happy again. I was so amazed with chi-chi because she had never leave my side even though we had loosen her ties already, she was so behaved and sometimes I felt like I was being trusted and loved by my pet. What a good feeling so when the time had gone and she had reached her limit of growing, at that fateful morning I had known … because that time my pet never waked me with her noise… I cried again, but still I know my friends will always stay in my memories and in my heart.

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Posted on November 8th, 2013 by bonita


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