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Chances Are

I was never really the romantic type. I was more of the “I need to focus on my career” kind of girl. But one incident changed all that one beautiful day. The bus was unusually late so I was sitting comfortably in the bus stop with some other passengers. Beside me was a man who was good looking and who I knew was so eager to engage me into a conversation. When the bus was coming from the corner he finally managed to tell me what beautiful weather it was. I smiled at him and got on the bus.

He sat beside me even though there were a lot of vacant seats and again tried hard to get me to talk to him. I somehow felt impressed by his looks and the way he talked and with his confidence that I started to entertain him. We exchanged numbers before getting off and I was already busy at work when he texted me if I wanted to go out sometime.

My friends told me they’d accompany me so I said yes. We all had a great time and I went out with him again this time on my own. He then asked me if I was interested in a relationship. I asked him about himself and even bluntly asked for proof that he wasn’t married or had a girlfriend or was a serial killer psycho. LOL. He somehow managed to convince me otherwise so we went out again and again.

On our 10th date, he asked me to be his girl and told me that he was falling for me. I panicked and told him I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. He left for a business trip after that date and I didn’t hear from him again for a long time. Months later I saw him in the city with a pregnant woman and they looked really happy.

I found out from a common friend that he was heart broken when I turned him down and got really drunk on the business trip and he meet her. I don’t know if it was just not meant to be us or if I lost a chance of a life time because it turned out he really was a decent man, a big catch and he really did love me.

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Posted on November 9th, 2013 by dawn


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