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How I broke my boyfriend’s heart and took back my ex

So I’m sure it’s safe to say that relationships are the when we as humans make the most mistakes; especially in romantic relationships. And, though I know we hate to admit it, we as women fall so much for false advertisement because they say the right words to lure us in. We can’t resist forbidden fruit and things that are bad for us because it makes it so much tastier. And though I don’t regret anything, because I had the most fun I’d ever had in any relationship and I got to be spontaneous, but sadly I ended up hurting someone sweet and good in the process. After I’d ended it with an ex, I became even more wild and crazy than I had be for. I did everything on impulse and if that’s what I wanted at the moment then that was going to happen. And when the moment came that I had an impulse for an innocent fifteen year old boy, I went after it. He was younger than I, as you can tell since I pointed out his age; he was a freshman and I was a senior. I couldn’t resist how interesting and demolishing it would be to bring him into this crazy world of mind. To make him apart of my plan: this was to release as much of the crazy that I could out.

So I brought him in the middle of the craziness between me and my ex. I flaunted him around whenever my ex was there and disclaimed him whenever he wasn’t. He was probably the sweetest and purest boy I’d ever met. He was a virgin and he didn’t understand ‘making out’ and was so innocent. And it confused me how good we were together. We liked all of the same things, he always called when he said he would, and he was just an all-around good guy. But I used him only to silence the screaming in my head and to calm down the confusion that was ‘breakup’. It was the one that included this harsh rein of emotion and anger so of course I acted out because of it. I just wish I hadn’t brought my little freshman into it. And when the time came that my ex became tired of watching me with him, and asked me back, I dropped the boy quicker that I picked him up. I mean, yeah I felt bad about it, but I felt it would be worth it though it wasn’t. I lost a really good friend for a year and though we still talk now, things are definitely different. He hates when I try to apologize and bring the situation up again and it’s hard to tell what he really thinks of me now. The friend I had was completely honest with me and would’ve never done what I’d done to him. I wish so bad that I could turn back everything and keep him to myself but maybe it’s for the best. But honestly, I just wish I’d never brought put him in that in the first place. Maybe we’d be the best of friends still. Or maybe more.

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Posted on February 22nd, 2015 by Jimi19


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