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Lost and Found: Friend

I and Gwen have known each other for 6 years that time but we became real friend during high school. She claimed me to be her best friend which I gratefully accepted.

We have inseparable since then. Morning to dinner we were almost always together-sharing secrets, crushes, embarrassing moments like all other best friends.

As college days arrived we both applied for the university far away from our town. As alter egos, we both passed but she had to take the bridging program so she went to the university a month earlier than I did.

Next thing I learned from her is that she is not continuing her studies anymore for reasons I think were not valid but I no choice but to accept.

A month passed and she told me she’s pregnant. I immediately condemned her foolishness at the back of my head.

Initially and because of her condition, we always update each other and communicate whatever happens. Her boyfriend left her as she birthed her first child.

But as weeks went by and I became engrossed with my studies and my new environment, the communication gradually died down.
I eventually saw her as weak and irresponsible and I refrained from talking to her as same thing happens to her several times. I heard she had abortion several times yet she still opts to be connected to people who I think can not help her.

It was last year when she tried contacting me again. We met and at that moment I saw miserable she is. I realized how irresponsible I was; leaving her at those moments she needed me most. She lived in the world where neither her parents, friends, family understands her. I was the one who is self-centered and immature. I only love people who can make me feel good, those who are lovable and desirable. However, life is not designed that way.

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Posted on March 6th, 2015 by aprilmusa


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