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Save a penny

I’ve always had more than enough money growing up. By the time I had my own job, money was never an issue. I gave some to my parents and siblings whenever they needed it or just because I wanted to buy them something.

People close to me told me I should start saving up for a rainy day but as the optimist that I am, I always said that even in rainy days I’d have more than enough. One time I was going home from work, I decided to withdraw my monthly income. I don’t know how it happened but when I got home, I only had enough money left for my needs. Then a call from my mom came telling me if I had any money because my cousin was in a car accident and needed to be operated at once.

She was a really close cousin of mine (her mom was crying on my shoulders) but all I had left couldn’t afford for her operation. Her family was poor and had nobody else to turn too. Fortunately I had a lot of rich friends who agreed to lend me the money. After that incident, I applied for a health insurance, save some of my income in a savings account and spent less on the not so important stuff. I learned that life can be tricky sometimes and we should always have enough savings for rainy days coz we’ll never know when we’ll need it.

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Posted on November 12th, 2013 by dawn


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