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Getting scammed for the second time

I don’t know if it’s just me but the 21st century seems to be full of scams. You can’t click or go on anything without having to ask yourself “am I sure that this is legit?” And, it’s understandable because with all the access people have now whether its will the telephone or the internet, it’s bound to happen to you at least once in your life. In fact it’s happened to me twice. Technically it happened to a cousin of mine but, since I was there to warn him of the cause, let’s just say it was ‘us’. When it first happened, my cousin picked up the phone and the man claimed he was from Microsoft and that he detected there was a problem with his laptop. Being a teenager and believing him, my cousin grabbed his laptop and followed the man’s instruction. Now, me being the curious person that I am, I watched as he followed the man’s instructions and finally decided to ask who it was that was on the phone. Once he told me, I continued to watch as he opened system files and a big red sign appeared immediately. Instantly I told him that the man could be trying to hack into his laptop but once I did the phone hung up on its own. At first we thought it was the end of it but then the man began to call back numerous times. In the beginning I told him not to pick it up because, strangely, he was calling from an “unknown number” and we all know that isn’t accurate. But after a few more times I told him to pick it up just to see what the guy would say next.

Once he got back on the phone with him he took him through another obstacle of opening the command prompt and through this he was able to give evidence as to how there was someone trying to hack his laptop. I still thought it was him. And as he took him to some website to download software, my eyes zoomed in on a particular phrase: “control desktop”. If this was a guy who was trying to protect him from hackers, allowing someone to control the desktop was not exactly the way to do it. While on my IPhone, I decided to look up the software on Google and the first thing that popped up was “Ammy Admin Scam”. Immediately I told him to hang up the phone and showed him what I found on Google. Two seconds later the man called back but I answered the phone this time, told him the jig was up, and ended the call. For the first time I felt proud that I’d been scammed before whereas I wouldn’t have paid that much attention to what was going on. Though I could’ve done without it, it still was knowledgeable information that I gained whereas I was able to prevent it from happening to someone else. So that was pretty cool.

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Posted on March 29th, 2015 by Jimi19


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