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Brave Enough

My guardian once told me “Hardships in life are inevitable, but you can always use the fight or flight syndrome. In that sense what do you do?,” That’s when I realized that in my 23 years of existence I always run away from my problems and think of it as if it never happened, rather than facing it ahead and finding a solution.. But you cannot always evade your problems, there will be a time that it will catch up to you even though you tried so hard to run, it will find you. Mine came last year… I got pregnant at the peak of our careers, I’ve become so stressed my morning sickness is harder than usual and I’ve had fever every other day. So what I did as a defense mechanism was ignored it and deny to myself all that was happening around me, I continued working until my five months, that I had bleed twice.. So that’s when the hardships really started… I’m so afraid that my father would have heart attack so we decided to keep it first with both our relatives, so the situation became even harder than it is. We are not financially stable yet, no house on our own, no savings. We have no one to turn to because both our mother’s (my boyfriend and mine) was both in heaven already and our fathers have a family of their own to support, We even thought about terminating it because of that bleeding and honestly, because we’re afraid that we will not be able to provide her enough satisfaction in life and might just make her suffer … But we feel that there is a life beating in my womb so brave and so strong we decided to fight for it. We corrected it one by one. First we plan on what we’ll do as a family, in the future, think about the good things and share our goals and dreams as one and never ever forget to pray. We told our father’s and Guardians that I’m pregnant and what a relief when they all said that “they will become a Grandfather/Grandmother”, happily… What a relief and what a mistake that we tried to hide the precious little baby. I cried for days and then made sure that my baby is loved all way through… Now I know how to become a good mother, I learned to forgive myself in every little mistake that I did and face, and last of all I am now thankful above for all the blessings that He gave me. And I realized that God does not give us problems that we can’t carry in life.

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Posted on October 3rd, 2013 by bonita


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