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Importance of Forgiveness

Are you able to forgive and forget? I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m not. I am more than capable of forgiveness. Forgiveness is vital in life. It took me until the age of 25 to realize that fact, but it was a very important lesson to learn. Although I am now well versed in forgiveness, I never forget. When you forget you give someone the opportunity to hurt you again.

I dealt with mental abuse for years throughout my relationship with the father of my children. I swore that I would never forgive him. At the time I had already learned just how important forgiveness is, yet I couldn’t find the strength within myself to forgive him. He had hurt me and made me hate myself. All of his hateful ramblings had sunk in and stuck.

Part of me knew that I wasn’t a worthless person. Yet after years of being told that you are, it’s hard to see otherwise.

Four months ago I realized that by not forgiving him I was only hurting myself. My forgiveness meant nothing to the man. This should have been obvious by the fact that he treated me so disrespectfully to begin with. Yet it took me over a year after leaving him to realize just how much it was still affecting my life.

The anger and hatred I felt spilled over into all aspects of my life. One day while fighting with my fiancé I realized that I was making myself crazy by holding onto my anger. I had to let it go. I had to forgive him. Did he deserve forgiveness? No he probably didn’t, but I certainly did.

It was a freeing experience. I had held onto all that anger and resentment for so many years I didn’t realize that I was getting lost under it all. Yet I had. The power of forgiveness set me free. It allowed me to take back control of my life and move on. I’ve never been happier.

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Posted on April 10th, 2015 by Anonymous


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