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Too much temptation is bad

Temptation is not a good thing for any person. Due to having temptation, I feel a great disaster of life. I saw that the stock exchange market is the most profitable business for any person. So, I used to borrow a huge amount of money from bank. Moreover, I used to sell my property to invest in the stock exchange market. At the first time, I got a huge amount of profit. But I didn’t save of the profit for my future. I invested the profited money again in the stock exchange. But when I was getting the profit from the business, I used to collect more money from different places and invest there. I thought that I would have more profit with more money. But alas! What was happened with my money! Suddenly, the stock exchange fell down. I lost all my money in the stock exchange market and fall in debt. Now I have to keep the patient when the people ask money from me and scold me, insult me. But I have nothing to do now as I have lost my all money in the stock exchange.

Lesson: I should not be tempted at that time. I should save the profit’s money for my future. The time teaches me that no one should be tempted of money or any other materials. Now I am happy what I have and start to work hard to return their money.

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Posted on May 3rd, 2015 by Anonymous


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