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I was in the laboratory working in my assigned section when I saw my friend outside the lab. I instantly stopped what I was doing and ran outside to greet him enthusiastically. Before he could even say one word, I started going about how much I’ve missed him and all our other friends back in our hometown.
It was kind of weird how he was just starring at me so I asked him what was wrong. He told me he didn’t know who I was. I laughed out loud and told him to stop joking around.

He smiled at me but I heard a glint of irritation in his voice.
I couldn’t understand how he could’ve forgotten me since we were really close so I stared hard at his face and really believed that he was just messing with me. Because I wouldn’t believe him, he showed me his id and there and then I turned red as a rose.
He really wasn’t my friend yet he really looked like him. I mean sure I hadn’t seen my friend for almost 5 years but I never imagined I’d forget his face. They really did look so much a like, enough to be twins or a clone. I was so embarrassed so I showed him a picture of my friend in facebook and he understood my confusion.

Talk about being too friendly with strangers, huh? Since then every time I see someone I think I know but haven’t seen for a long time, I wait for them to acknowledge me first.

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Posted on November 14th, 2013 by dawn


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